Christian Bale has been big news this week for his tirade on the new Terminator movie set.

He hit the airwaves this morning on KROQ’s Kevin and Bean show to try and clear the air.

He told them “I know I have a potty mouth. Everybody knows that now. I was out of order beyond belief…I acted like a punk and I regret that.”

I hope he apologized to the crew and the poor guy he was yelling at after he went off. It’s funny now he apologizes!!

He said he blames the blow up on an emotional scene he was shooting. Come on it’s a Terminator movie how emotional can it be.

Bale was going off on the film’s director of photography Shan Harlburt. Bale says they have made up and everything is resolved.

The actor hopes fans don’t judge the movie based on this incident. Maybe they won’t but people definitely won’t forget especially with the internet remixes and videos.

Bale says “I had it coming. Feel free to make fun of me at my expense. I deserve it completely.”

Well then, don’t mind if we do!!!

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