I didn’t know much about Chance the Rapper till his Grammy performance and his interview with Katie Couric. His music is such a mix and he is doing things his way.

The rapper stepped up today and donated $1 million of his personal money to Chicago Public School Foundation. This follows a meeting with the Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner last week to discuss funding options, which he described as “vague” and “unsuccessful.”

“Our kids should not be held hostage because of political positioning,” Chance said at the press conference at Wescott Elementary school.

Chance also called upon private businesses and corporations to donate money to the school system, saying that for every $100,000 in donations he will donate an additional $10,000 to individual schools to further support arts education.

“The check that I donated is a call to action. I’m challenging major companies and corporations Chicago and across the U.S. to donate and take action,” he said.

Chicago Public Schools are in danger of not having enough money to finish the school year so they are ending it 13 days early.

If you want to donate and learn more click here!

Being raised in Chicago you can see from his interviews and his donations that his hometown means a lot. That’s one celebrity do-gooder!!!

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