Glee is one of the biggest shows on FOX TV. Their music is hitting the top of the music charts, they are winning awards and fans are tuning in all over the world to watch.

Tonight is one of their biggest episodes EVER….the Michael Jackson special and from the previews we could be in for a great episode.

Take a look at my one-on-one interview with Glee casting director Robert Ulrich. He helped to pick the stars of Glee that you love watching on the show now. He is also a judge on the Oxygen channel’s The Glee Project.

Watch as Robert and I talk about the upcoming season of The Glee Project Season 2, What he’s looking for when casting his favorite episodes and more!

Watch our chat (above)!

Be sure to check back Thursday, February 2nd  for Part 2 of my interview with Robert and our exclusive Glee contest!

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