Check out my chat with Hencha Voigt (@henyvbaby), one of the stars of the hit reality spin-off series WAGS -Miami. Introducing the elite wives and girlfriends of the pro-athletes who run Miami.

As one of the stars of E’s new show WAGS-Miami, Hencha Voigt is a professional fitness model and trainer. Her aspiration is to inspire. Being a boxer and weight trainer makes Hencha an inspiration to look at, but speaking with her is even more inspiring.



What do you consider your best asset?

Hencha Voigt. I was raised by my mother and four brothers in Haiti. In Haiti, having your feet firmly planted on the ground is not only a necessity, it helps in accepting who you are at the core level. My confidence starts from within and not from what I look like, or what I’m wearing. Being able to accept myself, and love myself for who I am, is my best asset.

What is the most challenging part of being on WAGS-Miami?

Hencha Voigt. Getting to know and feel comfortable with all the girls. We all have strong personalities, which is part of what makes WAGS-Miami entertaining, and at the same time, we respect each others right to agree to disagree. I was raised with four brothers, so I’m a tom-boy and learning to be around mostly women is not only an adjustment, but an opportunity. Women should love and support each other, and on WAGS-Miami, we have leveled the playing field, so we can be honest, but we have each other’s best interests at heart.

Metisha Schaefer, also a star of WAGS-Miami, is a close friend, correct?

Hencha Voigt. Yes. Metisha and I are putting together a line of athletic wear that will be on the market soon. Miami is a great place to exercise, and of course, a girl should always be looking her best!

You said that you feel you are a positive life coach. What does that mean?

Hencha Voigt. I feel that it’s all about the love, loving ourselves and making the world better by loving and respecting each other. I try to be natural. To show young girls you don’t have to tamper with what God gave you. You can build on what you have by being healthy, exercising, eating right and smoothing a little coconut oil on your face can make you sparkle. You don’t need to be artificial to be beautiful.

Keep in touch with Hencha on Instagram@henyvbaby and Twitter@henyvbaby.

Turn up the heat and don’t miss WAGS-Miami, premiering this Sunday on E! 10 pm.


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