It’s time to GET REAL and check out the second season of Fuse’s ‘Transcendent’ –Xristina,  Bambiana, Bionka, Nya,  and LA! Returning to FUSE June 8th at10/9C.

Transcendent is the trailblazing, innovative and pioneering docu-series  that follows the lives of several trans women who perform at AsiaSF Cabaret and Restaurant in San Francisco, California. Produced by World of Wonders, this series documents the struggles of what it’s like to be transgender in the US.
Transcendent,  nominated for a GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Reality Program, is back for it’s second season June 8th at 10 pm/9C on the FUSE network.
Transcendent Season Two showcases a deeper look into the talented women of Asia SF. The women are stronger, louder, and prouder than ever before as they navigate the pressures of love, transitioning, and success. Watch as the growing rift between the girls erupts, romantic relationships are put to the test, and the ladies are given a huge opportunity by an influential SF neighbor.
It was a blast getting to chat one on one with – Xristina, a proud Dominican trans female, and LA, the youngest of the group,who is just beginning her transition.
This question is for LA. What is the best advice you have been given by the other ladies of the show?
LA. The women on the show have been nothing but  loving and supportive. They totally encourage me to believe in myself, be true to myself, and give me the confidence to become who I really am.
Who is the most difficult to work with?
Xristina. Me, of course! (laughter). Seriously, we all come from diverse social and economic backgrounds and upbringings. The Transcendent cast has a goal to always figure out how we can progress and move forward. We know the power of positive energy, and try to keep on the high road. Sure, we have differences, but we want to show the public how much more is accomplished by taking the time to understand and love one another. We’re about love.
Who are your role models? Who inspires you? 
Xristina. Our show is about creating awareness, we’re not into labeling people. This is not an easy path, but it really helps to know you are loved and accepted. The women in our community inspire me, because they are all about the love. Love is a powerful force to be surrounded by. When you feel love and support everyday, it is much easier to grow as a person, to contribute to society in a positive way, and to transcend difficulties and hurt. Love heals everything. Love creates miracles, and there is so much love here.
LA. I  agree. The show is providing real visibility for us in our community. We are stepping out of the shadows, and we are transcending limitations imposed  sometimes by ourselves – by being afraid, and sometimes by others – by being afraid of the unknown. Accepting who you are is the first step, being accepted by others follows more naturally after that.
After speaking with Xristina and LA, it is easy to see we all could use a little Transcendent in our lives. Thank you ladies!
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