Director Ry Russo-Young dignifies the teenage experience with ‘Before I Fall’.

Director Ry Russo-Young is becoming a permanent fixture at Sundance (Nobody Walks, and You Won’t Miss Me), but this year she entered the festival with a distributor for her new Young Adult film Before I Fall already on board. Many studios and directors have dismissed the Young Adult Market, but Ry Russo-Young is tapping into the most formative time of a Young Adult’s life.

Before I Fall is based on Lauren Oliver’s Young Adult novel of the same name. It was scripted by writer/director Maria Maggenti (The Incredible Adventures of Two Girls in Love). The script made the Black List’s 2011 most popular unproduced screenplays.

Zoey Deutch stars as a teenage girl. who must relive her death over and over in a time loop, similar to the plot of Ground Hog Day. She dies on February 13 and then wakes up again February 12 to relive her death over and over again, until she starts to pay attention and figures out how to break the spell. She untangles the mystery of her death and discovers the value of all she will be losing. The film also stars Jennifer Beals, Halston Sage, Elena Kampouris, Logan Miller and Kian Lawley.

Ry Russo-Young is a graduate of Oberlin College and received the Gotham Independent Film Award for the Best Film not playing at a Theater near You! Catch Before I Fall, Opening Nationwide this Friday, March 3.

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