Viola Davis wins a Golden Globe and Oscar for Supporting Actress in ‘Fences’.

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Fences. DVD. Blue-Ray. IMDB pro-rating 7.4 with a 74% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. From the play by August Wilson, Denzel Washington directs and stars as a sanitation worker who is bitter about life because he had the potential to be a great baseball player, but it was during the time blacks were no allowed in the Major Leagues. As his bitterness festers, it spill over onto his wife and family. Also starring Russell Hornsby, Stephen Henderson and Mykelti Williamson.

Passengers. DVD. Blue-Ray. IMDB pro-rating 7, with a 31% approval on Rotten Tomatoes. Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt are together on a ship headed to a new world with 5000 passengers in suspended animation. Jennifer and Chris wake up 90 years too soon, and begin to fall in love as they enjoy the space ship and it’s luxury accommodations, but when something goes wrong and the passengers lives are at stake, Chris and Jennifer must come to the rescue. Also starring Michael Sheen, Laurence Fishburne and Andy Garcia.

Patriot’s Day. DVD. Blue-Ray. IMDB pro-rating 7.5. Directed by Peter Berg, written by Peter Berg and Matt Cook. Mark Wahlberg stars as Boston cop dealing with the aftermath of the terrorist attack at the Boston marathon. Kevin Bacon and Michelle Monaghan also star.

Elle. DVD. Blue-Ray. IMDB pro-rating 7.3 with a 90% approval rating. French. Isabelle Huppert won the Golden Globe Best Actress and the film won the Golden Globe for Best Picture. Directed by Paul Verhoeven. When a high profile business woman is attacked in her home, she takes it upon herself to locate and punish the abuser, but when they meet again, they begin a strange and dangerous relationship.

A Monster Calls. DVD. Blue-Ray. IMDB pro-rating 7.6 with an 86% approval rating. A touching and often sad story of a 12 year old boy, played by Lewis MacDougall, who is stressed out over his mother’s cancer diagnosis and imminent death. He is bullied at school and doesn’t have much of a support network, except for the big tree outside his window who comes to life and takes him on adventures of self discovery. J.A. Bayona directs with a script, from the book, by Patrick Ness. Liam Neeson is the tree, Felicity Jones is the Mom.

Collateral Beauty. DVD. Blue-Ray. IMDB pro-rating 6.7 with a 12% approval on Rotten Tomatoes. Will Smith stars as a man who experiences a terrible tragedy and subsequently loses his appreciation of life. He begins to write letters to random people and when he starts to actually receive answers his life takes on a new meaning. David Frankel directs the screenplay by Allan Loeb.

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