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Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life hasn’t even aired yet and the mayhem is crazy! Now, add one more thing to that a group of die hard fans are bringing the fictional town of Stars Hollow to life this October.

The fan fest will transform Washington Depot, Conn., into the show’s iconic small town. Washington Depot actually served as creator Amy Sherman-Palladino’s inspiration for Stars Hollow; while crafting her pilot, she even stayed at the Mayflower Inn in the rural Connecticut town.

Fans will get a chance to meet cast members including: Kelly Bishop (Emily Gilmore), Jackson Douglas (Jackson Belleville), Yanic Truesdale (Michel Gerard), Vanessa Marano (April Nardini), Rini Bell (Lulu), Aris Alvarado (Caesar), Biff Yeager (Tom), and Ted Rooney (Morey) will all be in attendance, and participate in a panel discusion at the Town Hall.

The festival will also host themed events that occurred in the show such as a knit-a-thon, coffee at the hardware store, and Friday Night Dinners. There will also be screenings of the pilot episode, the finale, and whichever 10 episodes from season 2 through 6 attendees vote for.

I’ve got to go get my plane tickets!!

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