The actor who is most well known for portraying ‘Superman’ in the recent DC comics films, Henry Cavill, will now get a shot in the next Mission Impossible film, the 6th installment in the film series. Even better, the manner inwhich it was announced this morning that Cavill would be joining the cast of the upcoming spy flick:

That’s right, director Christopher McQuarrie broke the news via an exchange between him and Cavill on Instagram this morning!

Needless to say, I think this will put to rest any further speculation that Mr. Cavill will ever get a shot to play James Bond. That’s a franchise in which the producers have always frowned upon hiring actors that have double-dipped within the same genre. Regardless, this is great news as Cavill turned up an underrated performance in ‘The Man from Uncle,’ also playing a spy character that showed he could act beyond just playing the man of steel! Nuff said.

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