NBC Blogger Party

San Diego Comic Con #SDCC has become THE entertainment destination. It used to be only sci-fi and comic books. Now so many shows and movies head to this yearly event. I’ve been trying to get a press pass for years. This year I got invited to the NBC Blogger Party event. I was definitely so excited to be invited and what celebrities I would run in to. The party was at the Andaz Hotel on the rooftop. It was so amazing and the view was unbelievable. As the party started I got my drink and waited around for the celebrities to appear.

Jesse Spencer Comic Con

I was standing by the bar charging my phone when I saw Jesse Spencer (Chicago Fire)! I hit my friend and said OMG! I asked him for a picture and he said yes. I spoke to him about Australia where he grew up. I have a lot of family there. He was super sweet to stop and talk with me and take a picture. I went back to charging my phone.

Seth Myers Comic Con

As I was still charging my phone I look over and there is Seth Myers. I grew up watching SNL and think he is pretty amazing and cute. I glided over there as he was surrounded by people. I did a little Periscope while looking around. I asked him if I could ask a few questions but they said no. I asked to take a picture then. He was very quiet but nice.

Most of the cast from Grimm was there along with Heroes Reborn and Blindspot. I have been watching Grimm since the beginning and met most of them a few years back. All the guys were there but none of the women from the cast. I met Russell Hornsby (who I’ve interviewed before), Silas Weir Mitchell and Reggie Lee.

NBC Blogger Party

Also, hanging around was Gil Bellows…Ally McBeal people! I had to talk to him. I grew up watching even though I wasn’t supposed to. He was a great guy.

Gil Bellows

It was a great night and met some amazing people and celebrities! Can’t wait till Comic Con next year.

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