Sweetie Pies NoHo

I have been watching Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s since it starting airing on OWN in 2011. Miss Robbie and Tim lead the team with a bunch of character behind them. I see all the food and TV and wish I could smell it.

I heard Sweetie Pies was coming to LA. and I was driving around town and I saw it! I thought this is good or bad because it’s not that far from me. I drove by a few times and it just said coming soon….but when??! Finally I saw the signs up but they were filming.

Finally, I went by tonight and there was a line. They’re open! I circled and circle for parking and finally found a place. I could smell the chicken from down the street. It’s a small location which will be crazy as more and more people find out about it and the show airs.

I ordered the fried chicken, mac and cheese and it came with corn bread. Yes please! I told them I wanted to write about it on my site. The guy then gave me banana pudding and I got to try Miss Robbie’s Sweet Tea. The cornbread was hard and dry but they brought me another piece. It was still a bit dry but had a lot of flavor. The chicken was a bit spicy but so good and the mac and cheese was the best part. I wanted to get that in a barrel.

My waiter Jordy was amazing. He was so nice and kept checking on me. Then, I see Charles Crenchaw from the show and spoke to him. He’s been working non-stop to get the place where it needs to be. He worked his way over to me where we spoke for a few minutes and took a picture.

If you’re in North Hollywood go check it out and hopefully they add more locations. I thought LA people won’t eat this food they are too healthy but I know there are people like me that will. It was so good.

Thank you to all the staff for amazing service!

TJ’s Sweetie Pie’s North Hollywood: 5230 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91601

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