Look, I’m not going to pretend that I read the original Stephen King novelization of ‘IT’ or for that matter ever watched the original TV movie in its entirety, because I have done neither. However, I do feel I have a pretty good pulse on what makes for an entertaining horror film and ‘IT’ really has all the fixin’s one would want in a classic horror film.

So with that in mind, I’m going to share with you what I sent a dear friend of mine after watching this modern classic:

  • Being set in 1989 with kids who were roughly the same age we were in the same year.
  • Seeing the attention to detail with “Batman” and “Lethal Weapon 2” listed on the town theater’s sign since that time period was June of 89– spot on.
  • More attention to detail with ‘Nightmare on Elm St. 5″ being listed at the same theater during August 89.
  • The chemistry of the kids– perfect casting in general and had that “Stand by Me” energy and aura to it for me.
  • Pennywise: Creepy as can be and even with some over the top CGI moments I felt the actor playing him really hit a home run for getting the right tone across in his scenes.
  • The fact the story seemed more about how several of these kids suffered from acrimonious home life situations and had to really stick together to not succumb to that madness of it all, killer clowns aside.
  • Beautiful small town setting.
  • Good soundtrack.
  • Some funny one liners from the kid with the glasses about wee wee size — It’s OK to laugh, it really is hysterical in the context of the film.

Overall, I’d see this film again and I can’t say that about most modern horror films of the past 20 years. The last time I REALLY enjoyed a current horror film was the Evil Dead remake in 2013. But this, this one takes the taco as far as hitting all the right notes for nostalgia and capturing the magic of a gang of younger folks trying to overcome a substantial (and insane) set of obstacles.

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