It’s Official: Scandal Ending After Next Season

I heard the rumors swirling that Scandal may be ending soon but I was in denial. I don’t want to see it end.

It has been announced that Scandal will end after next season. Fitz is leaving office and Mellie is taking over.

Network president, Channing Dungey made the announcement before ABC’s big  presentation during this week’s 2017 upfronts. “I do think the audiences, fans and Gladiators…are going to want the story to end in the way that Shonda intended,” she said, adding that the network supports Shonda’s decision “wholeheartedly.”

Shonda has always send she knew the ending.

“I feel like there is a finite amount of Scandal to be told. I know what the end of Scandal will be, and I feel really good about that. And I can see where the end point is. And I don’t think I’m going to change that…I know how long it will be, but we’ll see,” Rhimes previously told NPR.


I am definitely a gladiator and been a big fan since the beginning. I’m going to go cry now.


Scandal‘s two-hour season six finale airs Thursday, May 18 at 9 p.m. on ABC.

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