According to Eon Productions, the next James Bond film will be released November 8th, 2019.

Yippee– Yes, that’s full sarcasm as I’m getting pretty put off by the fact these films are taking 3-4 years to make. That simply DID NOT HAPPEN in the 60s/70s/80s/90s. I yearn for the days of the original producer, the late Cubby Broccoli, who simply wouldn’t have put up with these nonsensical delays. I’m not sure if his daughter, Barbara Broccoli, is to blame for why the newer films are taking so damn long to make or if it’s more studio meddling, but regardless, we shouldn’t have to wait upwards of four years between Bond films.

Many are not old enough to really remember but 007 flicks were out every 2 years from 1962-1989– it was a beautiful thing and a true “event” for fans of the series to be able to rest assure that James Bond would return sooner than four bloody years between rounds.

Another issue with taking so long is it puts a lot of unrealistic pressure on each subsequent film to be almost perfect– — the longer you wait, the more heat you’re gonna take from fans and critics for the product you release. Oh well, there’s always next year– oh wait, no, there’s always four years from now! Brilliant!

Nevertheless, it’s time for the production company and everyone involved to get their $hit together and refine the process of releasing our favorite spy’s latest adventure. For that reason, Bond is sort of broken right now. Then again, so is Britain. Nuff said!



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