Summer is right around the corner and Disney will be unveiling their new Pandora themed land after three years of construction. Visitors will finally come face-to-face with Jame’s Cameron’s Avatar movie.

Disney has released a new preview featuring a behind-the-scenes look at the Orlando theme park (why is this not coming to Anaheim?!)

“I don’t know if I can even express how it feels to see something that I imagined in 1995 suddenly made physically made real,” Cameron says in the vide while shots of Pandora‘s lifelike plant structures — including bioluminescent flowers that can send waves and pulses “linked to every glowing plant” in the land — flash onscreen. “They’re using the absolute cutting-edge technology, stuff that’s never been applied before.”

The ride system for Pandora‘s premier attraction, Avatar: Flight of Passage, has remained largely under wraps until now. Disney’s teaser video shows off the simulator’s massive, three-level interior, which will reportedly see riders boarding vehicles modeled after the bodies of Banshees, the fictional flying creatures that appear in the Avatar films.

“You’re going to plunge, you’re going to dive, you’re going to see the world flying through it,” Cameron says of the land’s thrilling addition, which film producer Jon Landau says will allow families to “connect with a Banshee” as they “fly over the landscape of Pandora.”

This $500 million dollar Avatar land replaces the park’s former Camp Minnie-Mickey area.

Catch a glimpse of Disney’s Pandora: The World of Avatar.

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