Celebrating the launch of Jonathan Goldsmith’s memoir, book and audio, ‘Stay Interesting’, June 13th. Penguin Random House.

I was excited to interview Jonathan Goldsmith, known for his iconic role as Dos Equis’, ‘The Most Interesting Man In the World’,  about his autobiographical book, Stay Interesting, but I was surprised to learn, he really is Most Interesting.

Pam. How did you start your career in acting?

Jonathan. My alma mater is Boston University, and I trained at the New York Neighborhood Playhouse with Dustin Hoffman.

Jonathan has a career spanning more than 50 years. You might remember him from Hang ‘Em High, Gunsmoke, or Murder She Wrote, but more than likely you will recognize him as the man who arm-wrestled Fidel Castro, the man so magnetic, he carries no credit cards!

Pam. What was your inspiration for the Dos Equis’ character?

Jonathan. For many years I was good friends with Fernando Lamas. I had been through a dry spell in my career, when I was called to audition for the Dos Equis commercial, I almost didn’t go, feeling certain they would choose a Latin persona, not a Jewish boy from Brooklyn. Then I got inspired to base the character on the suave and self-assured character of my friend, Fernando Lamas. The rest is history.

Pam. What is it like being a celebrity in Hollywood?

Jonathan. Once, while eating at my favorite restaurant, Craig’s in Hollywood, a vagrant approached me and asked if I would take a picture with him. I was happy to oblige – it ended up to be Leonardo DiCaprio, looking like a pan-handler, with long hair and beard, in character for his Award-winning The Revenant film. Jennifer Lawrence also approached me in Craig’s and asked for a picture. I was very flattered.

Jonathan lives in what he calls ‘Paradise’, also known as Vermont. An avid fisherman, he loves to take his boat out on the nearby lake, where he fishes for trout and perch. Away from the hustle and bustle that is LA, Jonathan, his family, and his beloved Anatolian Shepherd dogs, enjoy the forest-like wonderland of nature that Vermont is famous for.

Pam. What do you do in your free time?

Jonathan. I am associated with several charities. I work with Therapy Dogs, taking them to Vet hospitals to aid in PTSD and recovery.

The dogs are so smart, they understand they are there to provide comfort and affection. I also take the dogs to a local home for the elderly.

Pam. It’s great that you use your celebrity platform to help others.

Jonathan. I do my best. I feel anyone who is lucky enough to have a platform needs to speak up and raise the awareness of important issues and challenges facing the world today. I am on the Mines Advisory Group (MAG). We focus on unexploded bomb and landmine clearance in countries ravaged by war. These people have been living in fear for far too long. Our goal is to bring them peace and safety. Over half of exploding landmine victims are innocent children. I also support the International Make A Wish Foundation, that arranges for children with life-threatening medical conditions to experience their ‘wish’.

Pam. What’s next for the World’s Most Interesting Man?

Jonathan. I have wonderful projects lined up.  Very shortly, there will be a public announcement  of my becoming the Ambassador for a well known Liquor Company.

I’m almost finished with my advance copy of Stay Interesting. It is filled with delicious juicy Hollywood memories, I was hanging on every word, even the prepositions! And,  Jonathan really can speak French in Russian,  Most Interesting!

Jonathan’s book Stay Interesting  (Penguin Random House), perfect for by the pool or on the beach summer reading, is available for pre-order on Amazon.com,  in bookstores everywhere, June 13th.


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