Halle Berry fights to find her kidnapped son in ‘Kidnap’.

The International Movie Data Base (IMDB) is the industry standard for critical and customer satisfaction.

Kidnap. DVD. Blue-Ray. Action/Thriller IMDB pro-rting 5.9 with a 35 % satisfaction from Google. When a mother’s son is kidnapped at a playground, she jumps in her car, with no cell-phone and pursues the kidnapper in a high-speed car chase. Directed by Luis Prieto. Halle Berry, Sage Correa, Lew Temple, Dana Gourrian and Chris McGinn star.

Keep Watching. DVD. Blue-Ray. Horror/Thriller. IMDB pro-rating 6.5 with an 85% satisfaction on Google. A family suffers with a horrifying home invasion that only gets worse when they realize it is being live-streamed on the internet. Bella Thorne, Chandler Riggs, Natalie Martinez, Ioan Gruffudd, Leigh Whannell star.

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