Leslie Jones Olympics

Leslie Jones has been nothing but entertaining during the Olympics on her Snapchat.

Her daily Snapchats and live-tweeting gained so much buzz that NBC invited her to Rio.

On Monday afternoon, Leslie sang, “Guess who’s going to Rio?” over and over while wearing an NBC Rio Olympics hat in a video she captioned “RIO BOUND BABY USA! USA!!”

Later in another clip she wore her patriotic gear and waved an American flag from her couch while she announces: “All right, so you know I’m going to Rio ’cause we slay all day. Slay all day. Slay all day. USA!”


Its unclear what her role will be when she gets to Rio but I hope they let her commentate on the games and don’t filter her.

She was officially invited by NBC on Sunday. Jim Bell, who serves as executive producer, extended the offer via Twitter.

Leslie Jones Twitter

If you haven’t been following her on Twitter and Snapchat, add that to your to-do list because it’s AMAZING!!

She makes me want to watch the Olympics even more!! Leslie…You Go to Rio Girl and Slay!!

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