Ladies! Listen up! ManServants is a real startup company that wants to help make (almost) all your fantasies come true. Their vision is to to empower women to make their own rules.

The company allows you to hire a hot guy to serve you food, do your laundry, take you out to parties to flaunt in front of your friends or just give you compliments. Starting up this fall, the San Francisco based ManServants  says you can rent the perfect guy.

According to their website the standard services include waiting on you hand and foot, serving you drinks, acting as a bodyguard, taking photos, giving compliments and cleans up your hot mess. For an additional fee, you can get your ManServant to do things like speak in an accent, or give you a spa day complete with cucumber water and chocolate covered strawberries. The website doesn’t say what it will cost to hire one of these ManServants but it does say under the hiring process compensation begins at $80/hr and $300/day.

A ManServants is not a prostitute and will it’s not part of the deal to sleep around.

Listen, there is no perfect boyfriend but why not rent one for a while then send them home? Not a bad idea. Who wouldn’t want someone to just sit there and pay them compliments or serve them?

You must check out their video and see it for yourself!

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