Matt Czuchry aka Logan knows the father of Rory’s baby!

The 39-year-old addressed those Gilmore Girls “final four words,” which revealed that she’s pregnant with a baby that likely belongs to his character Logan. I mean…. DUH.

“They did tell me who is the father of that baby…I do know the answer, but that’s really for them to say because it’s their story,” Matt said during an AOL Build Series event on Wednesday (November 30) in New York City. “If they ever want to reveal that, then they can do that.”

He added, “I don’t know if we’re going to come back and do more. I have no idea, but if we don’t, I think part of the fun is for everyone to come up with those theories and to play that out in their minds…I like that it’s just kind of left open in that way, so I’m not going to say who the father is and what it would be, whoever that may be…”

So what was his reaction to that ending?

“I was aware of those four words before, so of course I knew it was coming, so I certainly probably have a different perspective on that. For me, what I loved about the Logan and Rory journey was that Life and Death Brigade that starts there in ‘Fall.’ Just that whole montage and then going into where Logan is trying to help Rory achieve her dreams, to write this book, offering a key to his house and then of course, their goodbye, that whole sequence there is something I really loved reading in the script and loved watching in terms of the overall chapters.”

Does he think that really is goodbye for them?

“It certainly felt that way. I think the way I approached it was they had had their journey together, and from my perspective, Logan, no matter what happens moving forward, will always love Rory, and in this particular moment, they know it’s time to move on. Just like their relationship throughout these four chapters was mutual, this ending for them and saying goodbye was mutual. They could feel that it was the time to say goodbye.”

Its pretty obvious it’s Logan’s….

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