A while back I was working at KNBC and I would always run into people from Days of Our Lives, The Tonight Show guests and more.  I was walking to the commissary to get lunch and I hear a car. I look over and it’s a powder blue Cadillac and out walks a small man in a matching powder blue suit. I do a double take and it’s PRINCE! Inside I’m screaming! He walks by me and he’s about the same height as me. I go in to get my food and then I hear music. I go outside and Prince is warming up for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno to do an outdoor concert. I have seen some performers warm up and do part of a song or one song. I stop to listen and a crowd forms outside. I’m not going to move from this spot no matter what. I know there’s work to be done but it’s Prince!

I’m standing in the crowd as he is warming up. He notices the crowd forming. I look over and some cast members from Days of Our Lives are standing there, people from Access Hollywood and some of the people from KNBC. I believe it was Alison Sweeney from Days in front of me. She was dancing and taking pictures. We all couldn’t believe it. He finished one song but then he kept playing. He did a whole mini concert for everyone standing there. My phone rang and it was someone from work. How could I leave this? I knew I would probably never see Prince again. This was something so special. One of my friends who was working at NBC came up behind me and I was screaming OMG! The only other person I would stay for and freak out over would be Madonna. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity to get a free mini concert by Prince.

I stood there is awe just looking at the people around me freaking out over what they were seeing too. He was transitioning in between songs and someone yelled, “I love you Prince.” Prince, without missing a beat said, ” I love you too Princess!” Everyone laughed.  Looking back I wish I had video from this amazing event or even a picture.

Prince was an amazing performer. He is not just a singer. This guy commanded a stage. He wrote his own music, could play so many instruments. He was a small person with a huge personality on stage. Even if you were a big star you still were in awe of what Prince could do. There was no other performer who could do what he did.

As soon as I heard of his passing I thought back to this moment at NBC and how lucky I was. I never saw him perform in concert but I got to see him for a little while doing what he loved. He could’ve just done one warm up song and left like most people would do. I believe he knew that this was an opportunity to entertain and to make people smile that wouldn’t be at his show later. It was so amazing and a moment I will never forget.


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