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There are many streaming apps on the market right now but if you haven’t checked out Hang w/ you need to download it now. You never know which celebrity you may be able to hang with.

Just this week NeYo leaked a sneak peak of a potential lead single off is upcoming untitled 7th studio album. NeYo leaked a the track through live streaming mobile app Hang w/ through a live in studio performance recording session. (view here)

NeYo is among serval artists to take a liking, and premier exclusive content interacting directly with fans through is popular live streaming mobile platform. With a niche in within the music industry Hang w/plans to release many more similar exclusive opportunities for their users through both their free, and Digital Ticket pay per view platforms.

About Hang w/

Hang w/  is a leader in providing one of the first fully functional, quality live-streaming video platforms in direct competition with Twitter’s Periscope, and Meerkat. The Hang w/ app connects people through live-streaming video and simultaneous chat, allowing anyone with any desktop, iPhone, iPad or Android device to broadcast live to dozens, hundreds or even millions of viewers around the globe.

The Hang w/ platform has attracted hundreds of actors, athletes, musicians and brands including 50 Cent, Jared Leto, Timbaland, Common, The UFC, Larry The Cable Guy, Ali Landry, Claudia Jordan, Jamie Kennedy, Kaskade, Lucy Hale, Mike Metzger, Jake Ellenberger, Soulja Boy, Tony Orlando, Terrell Owens and many more.

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