What could be better than Tilda Swinton starring in OKJA, a Sci-Fi/Horror film? We get Two Tilda’s – she plays twins!

You have to hand it to Netflix, they sure are stepping out of the box and taking chances. This time it’s  OKJA,  and Korean writer/director Bong Joon-Ho, who co-writes with Jon Ronson, and directs this horrifying ‘animal rights coming to dinner’ movie. Of course it’s edgy and controversial, how else would it have attracted it’s stellar cast of Tilda, playing rival character, ruthlessly competitive, good vs. evil twin, Jake Gyllenhaal as a smarmy aggressive TV host, Paul Dano as an animal rights vigilante, and Lily Collins? New comer An Seo-hyun plays the innocent young girl.

Tilda Swinton and An Seo-hyun in ‘Okja’.

The sci-fi aspect of the film is that genetically engineering hybrid animals for mass food consumption is looming in the distant future, the horror aspect is that it is probably already here. Did you really think that’s beef on your fast-food burger?

An evil mega-conglomerate multinational, Mirando (wink, wink Monsanto) dynasty is being run by two elitist, privileged, money intoxicated sisters ( both played by Swinton). The company has genetically modified a pig to grow the size of a hippo and has placed it on various farms around the globe to see who’s pig becomes ‘the biggest’ and will spawn a race of super pigs to satisfy barbeque hungry humans on a global fast-food scale.

The controversy lies, not only with the animal rights groups, but that winner and largest pig Okja,  belongs to an innocent Korean girl, An Seo-hyun,  it is her dearly beloved pet. When they come to her farm to retrieve Okja, she has no idea she is being taken to the slaughterhouse after breeding to make sure she is super tasty. When she learns the reality, she sets off on her own to save her pig.

Okja was nominated for the Palme d’Or at Cannes. Look for it on Netflix.


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