Holy %uck!!!! Thank you lord, thank you! (Ghostbusters 2 reference for those who get it)…. All I can say is this would be a very GOOD thing for the movie franchise of ‘Star Trek.’ Sources close to this brewing possibility claim Quentin Tarantino has hatched a “great” idea for a Trek film and after sharing it with Trek producer JJ Abrams, a writers room is being assembled to try and fully convert the iconic director’s vision into something worthy of a feature length film.

Look, for those of you who feel this could be one of the worst combinations of a great director and a famous franchise, please, rest easy. I offer into the record, a very recent podcast of Tarantino talking about what he felt made for classic Star Trek stories. All I had to do was listen to his brief thoughts on the subject and realized that Trek couldn’t be in better hands going forward. Let’s face it, ‘Star Trek Beyond,’ although somewhat digestible, was more forgettable than anything else. This franchise needs a swift kick in the ass and by golly, who better to make that a reality than Mr. Tarantino himself. This needs to happen. His ability to polish scripts and inject engaging dialogue alone will benefit the next Star Trek film more than anything else.

Stay tuned for further updates as we get them, but for now, as promised, here’s that aforementioned podcast where Tarantino gives insight into what would make a great Star Trek film:

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