MizHollywood.com was invited to participate in a live interview with the multi-talented Amanda De Decanet who was answering questions about her new Lifetime Show, UNDONE, following Project Runway on Thursday nights at 10:30.

Amanda is widely known for her acting, writing, and photography talents, but most recently her show The Conversation, co-produced by Demi Moore, garnered her a large social media fan base of women. The Conversation has just been launched in the UK and is already in 18 other countries and translated into 10 languages.. Amanda has over 90K twitter followers and counting! UNDONE is a live show, and Amanda is adept at the excitement and conflict of LIVE (including this interview), beginning her career on LIVE television at 16. Onward to the interview:

MizHollywood: What does the show’s name, UNDONE represent?

Amanda De Cadenet: I would say it encapsulates the idea I am trying to promote, and that is loose, honest feedback and genuine interaction. UNDONE is a show where women can speak about any topic without being restricted.

MizHollywood: Would you say that your show caters to women’s issues?

Amanda De Cadenet: Absolutely. LIFETIME TV is noted for its large, supportive, female audience. I wanted to take a risk, and try something new. It’s important to not be afraid to fail, but to continue to take chances and grow. I intend to shine a light on women’s and girl’s lives and help educate them on health, finance, self-esteem and having a voice in the world.

MizHollywood: How much of UNDONE is inspired by The Conversation?

Amanda De Cadenet: A lot! I loved The Conversation show and all the inspiring ladies that joined me, like Gwyneth Paltrow, Jane Fonda, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga. Those were all women who “own their seat” and speak their mind. I think that’s why it became immensely popular on social media, because of the candid, uncensored interaction. UNDONE is also filling a spot in late night TV, that quite honestly, with all the shake-up recently, was left with no woman even being offered a chance at hosting. I was shocked.

Amanda’s first guests were fashion model Coco Rocha and Brad Goreski, so it looks like she’s off to a good start with interesting creative guests. Above all, Amanda in a good friend, and you’ll no doubt be seeing them support her latest endeavor. We wish you all the best Amanda!



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