Comedy, Tragedy and Magical Mysteries on DVD this week.

The International Movie Data Base (IMDB) is the industry standard for critical and customer satisfaction.

Wakefield. DVD. Blue-Ray. Drama. IMDB pro-rating 6.6 with a 75% approval from Rotten Tomatoes. Written and directed by Robin Swicord from the short story by E.L. Doctorow’s. Bryan Cranston and Jennifer Garner star as a married couple, but when a mid-life crisis sends Bryan to isolate himself from his family and live in the attic, only coming out when everyone is asleep, his wife feels abandoned and starts to see and old boyfriend.

The Lovers. DVD. Blue-Ray. Dramedy. IMDB pro-rating 6.2 with an 86% score from Rotten Tomatoes. A marriage so old, the couple (Debra Winger, Tracy Letts) barely remember how long, let alone each other. They both are heavily involved in extra-marital affairs when, out of nowhere, a spark ignites the passion and love that they once shared for each other. Written and directed by Azazel Jacobs. Also starring, Aiden Gillan, Melora Walters, Tyler Ross.

Going In Style. Comedy. DVD. Blue-Ray. IMDB pro-rating 6.7 with a 47% score from Rotten Tomatoes. Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, and Alan Arkin star as retires whose pensions get conviscated by the bank. What to do? Rob the bank responsible and get your money back.

Opening Night. Comedy. DVD. Blue-Ray. IMDB pro-rating 7. A stage manager has to juggle the egos of temperamental stars, agents, and families for the show to go on. Rob Riggle, Anne Hehe, Topher Grace. Isaac Rentz directs a script by Gerry Deleon.

Sleight. Magic. DVD. Blue-Ray. IMDB pro-rating 5.9 with a 72% score from Rotten Tomatoes. A street magic trick performer, who gets involved selling drugs to help support his family, is put on the defensive when his sister is kidnapped for the money he owes. He uses his skill at sleight of hand to trick the kidnappers and save his sister. Justin Dillard directs Jacob Latimore, Seychelle Gabriel, Sasheer Zamata, Storm Reid, star.


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