Celine Dion was shocked during a meet and greet when before her eyes a proposal was happening.

Before one of her shows in Vegas over the weekend she met Austin McMillan and her boyfriend Nick Janevski.

I don’t know about you but if I was Celine I would be like WHHAAAAAATTTTT??? Am I intruding? Should I go?


Photo: Gordon Vukovic

“I was shocked and couldn’t get any words out, so Celine backed up into the curtain behind us and said, ‘Are you going to say yes?'” McMillian, says. “Celine was shocked and I was too. She was super sweet and wished us a long and happy marriage like she had with her husband. Then she invited herself to the wedding!”


Photo: Gordon Vukovic

Photo: Gordon Vukovic

Photo: Gordon Vukovic

Celine was definitely shocked you can see in the photo her mouth dropped when he got on his knee.

Can you imagine? What great photos to have. When she invited herself to the wedding I would have been like hell yeah and can you sing too while you’re there.

Congrats! BTW make her the Godmother too!

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