This inspiring¬† memoir(or listen on amazon audible) is unlike any other, it’s honest.

A great summer read, Gabourey Sidibe’s personal memoir This is Just My Face – Try Not to Stare is clean and refreshing,¬† a tall cool drink on a hot summer day!

Her fans know ‘Gabby’ from her feature film debut in Lee Daniels Precious, and of course her part on the hit series Empire. Gabby grew up in Bedford Stuyvesant/Harlem, where her gifted and talented mother sang songs in the subway to feed her family. One of her first ‘acting’ jobs was a sex phone ‘operator’. Gabby talks of how it felt when she first started working in Hollywood, visiting co-stars mansions, while she still lived in her mother’s Harlem apartment. She’s honest about things we all experience but seldom get to rise above with the help of writing, depression, lost love, jealous and hateful people. Writers know the best therapy is writing therapy!

Gabby’s joyful spirit comes through on every page of the book, and her complete love and acceptance of herself is an inspiration. Her decision to undergo stomach reduction surgery was for health reasons, and not because she wanted to appear more mainstream, although she is enjoying her new svelte physique!

This book is about courage, and reaching for your dreams. It sounds corny, until you read about someone who actually succeeds.

Thank you Gabourney for sharing your heart-felt story.

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