The Celebrity Centre Pavillion in Hollywood, CA, presents Tim McGrath in ‘Good Enough’ July 12 at 7:30.

Talking with Transformational speaker Ted McGrath about his one man show ‘Good Enough’ was inspiring! Like all of us, Ted wrestled with adapting to the primary challenges of being human. The challenges of sexual awakening, a broken home, shame, feelings of abandonment, addiction, money, power and the biggest question of all, “What’s wrong with me”? Ted is passionate about his message.

What is the theme of your one man show ‘Good Enough’?

Ted McGrath. I play ten different characters who influenced my journey. The journey of a man who doesn’t believe in himself, to a man who learns to follow his dreams, allow himself to be guided by destiny, and to fulfill his ultimate purpose.

Who are some of the characters?

Ted McGrath.  My brother, who definitely influenced my positive evolution, a Night Club Owner, Donna Karan, Deepak Chopra.

Did you write the story?

Ted McGrath. The story is autobiographical. I had help from my co-writers, the Award-Winning Broadway star James Barbour,  Patrick Combs(Man 1, Bank 0), and Jonno Roberts. This is my acting debut so having the help and support of these acting professionals was fantastic and helped with fusing a lot of humor into the story. You’ve got to laugh. It helps to open up the passages to reaching for your dreams. I am a public speaker,  I love being on the stage and performing, so this was a natural step in my evolution.

How did you learn to believe in yourself and accept your calling of helping people to feel confident?

Ted McGrath. The show incorporates the age old question, can people change? It is about how to get the personal tools you need to educate yourself and change your beliefs and negative mental patterns. Things like thinking you aren’t ‘good enough’, can cause a person to lose hope, but it’s really a mental habit, once you become aware of how you are thinking, you can turn your life around. The show is a message of hope, and how everyone can confront and overcome their doubts and fears. By communicating with others we can confront what is keeping us from living a fulfilling life. Communication is freedom.

Catch Ted McGrath at The Celebrity Center Pavillion, 5930 Franklin Ave.,  Hollywood, Ca. July, 12, 2017.





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