Any movie that kicks off with a period piece aesthetic, and soon after, an injection of John Goodman, is off to a great start in my book! ‘Kong: Skull Island‘ provides a nostalgically fun atmosphere from start to finish, along with likable characters who never seem to take things too seriously given the gravity of their situation– which is a damn good thing in this instance!! More importantly, honorable mention goes to John C. Reilly’s character, Hank Marlow, for being sort of an “alcoholic buzz” the film needed going into the second and third acts:)

Dare I say, the beginning almost had a sort of GhostbustersY vibe in which funding is needed to go searching for Sir Kong. Either way, I wish more adventure films were made like this one– Set it in the past, and layer the hell out of it with a kick-ass soundtrack from that era.

I’ve talked to a lot of people who say they’ve heard it’s “good”, and want to go see it… Well, go see it! This film needs more support if it’s going to get a crack at some welcomed sequels. Right now, judging by the US financials, I’m not even sure it’s going to make back it’s budget. That’s truly sad given this film’s heart is in the right place, and there’s a mass shortage of films with the vibe this one provides…. Nuff said.

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