Rock n’ Roll band ‘The Tomicks’,  release their first three songs October 30th.


Chatting with Tom Cridland ( Tom is the creator, along with partner Debs Marx, of the forward thinking ‘sustainable clothing’  line TomCridland.  Jump- started from a small UK government loan, his fashion is a favorite of Daniel Craig, Leo DiCaprio and Elton John’s  longstanding drummer, Nigel Ollson. With a few pounds in their pocket, and inspired by  Nigel, Tom and Debs started a Rock n’ Roll band named The Tomicks.

How did Nigel Olsson inspire you to start a band?

Tom Cridland: Nigel Olsson has always been one of my heroes. Nigel became a very supportive customer of Debs and my clothing line.  He learned about our fanatic passion for Rock n’ Roll and became very encouraging about us playing, singing, and starting our own band.

Who is in the band?

Tom Cridland: Debs plays keyboards and is the lead singer. I play drums.  We met Nick Whitehead a piano player, and fellow Rock n’ Roll fanatic, at an Elton gig. Nick and I started jamming together, then writing lyrics and music, subsequently forming The Tomicks, together with Debs.

Where did you record the music?

Tom Cridland:  We were so happy with our original material that, using money Debs and I had saved up to buy a house , we self-funded sessions to record an album at The Village Studios in Los Angeles. We played renowned guitarist Kenji Suzuki our demos ahead of these sessions. He liked what he heard so much he came with us to LA to play bass and guitar on the album.

Nick, Kenji Suzuki and Tom

The world-renowned guitarist Kenji Suzuki performs on your album?

Tom Cridland: Yes. It’s a dream come true.

What’s next for The Tomicks after the album release on Friday, February 2 ?

Tom Cridland: We are planning to do a 65 hour marathon of playing our music at the LONDON Train Station!

I guess perseverance and dedication really do come in handy?

Tom Cridland: We’re just taking it one day at a time, putting one foot in front of the other, having fun.

The Tomicks’ first EP is available on iTunes and Spotify. The tracks are called Break Up Anthem, Hair Clip and Candlelight.

Here are the links:
Thanks Tom!


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