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If you grew up in the 80’s you probably remember the movie Blank Check. This guy hits a kid and writes him a blank check. After, he writes it for a million dollars and gets go karts and huge TV’s etc. This new CXC Simulator reminds me of the movie. After the movie I wanted everything that in this movie and now it’s possible to have it.

Clusters of high tech innovators and companies spanning from the Santa Clara Valley to the San Francisco Bay make up what is known as the Silicon Valley – a worldwide mecca for technological innovation. The modernization of this region has opened doors for a product that falls perfectly in line with the direction of this global center of entrepreneurship: CXC Simulations’ Motion Pro II. An elite advancement in engineering and top-of-the-line virtual realism, the Motion Pro II is the only professional-grade racing simulator practical for home use.

Companies like Google, Facebook and GoPro have all harnessed the ability to innovate new technologies that have kept them at the top of their respective industries. CXC, in the same way, has always been a leading force in experiential simulation. CXC Founder and CEO Chris Considine has much in common with many of the most successful Silicon Valley pioneers who are consistently seeking new technological advancements in virtual realism. He engineered his first race car when he was only six years old, and from there his enthusiasm for racing only grew.

As a former race car driver and professional instructor, Considine honed his knowledge of the physics and dynamics of high performance driving. He also established his high level of computing skills as a System Administrator for the visual effects studio Digital Domain, working on movies such as I, Robot and Speed Racer. A self-taught computer and mechanical engineer, he taught himself 3D CAD and manufacturing. When Considine founded CXC in 2006, he took his vision from concept to reality with the Motion Pro II.

The Motion Pro II is not strictly for private consumers and professional racers; in fact, CXC offers an array of possibilities for multi-users. CXC simulators allow sim drivers to race against their friends and colleagues and compare lap times while spectators watch the full track-view action – all in real time. Not only do these sim center setups present a lucrative business model, but they also make for a high-end attraction in the most innovative corporate centers.

A number of forward-thinking companies in Silicon Valley have already begun to incorporate CXC’s sim center model as a tech-applicable form of team building. Well-established extreme entertainment and amusement venues have also invested in this concept as a profitable business venture. CXC offers a complete package ranging from retail space design (interior design), customized hardware, gaming software, venue management software, training and maintenance. Supporting nearly any number of users, sim center setups can be upgraded at any time from a single station to multiple unit clusters.

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